Màquina&Tabla is Oriol and Susana. We are a tiny family business that began in 2012 in Castilla y León. What we care about most are the details, and we believe in a high quality wine that is always respectful of the land and nature. This project started from scratch, travelling around the region looking for the oldest and most peculiar vineyards. Our grapes are cultivated bio-dynamically, and for the time being we are renting the vineyards. We are working hard to produce really good wines; we hope you enjoy them!


About Us

Oriol is the winemaker in the house. He is an "oenopath" who, slowly but surely, became more and more interested in winemaking, a passion that turned into a profession during the 2000 harvest in Clos Mogador. Since then as a winemaker he has lead, or taken part in, several projects, including with Vinya l'Hereu, Heretat Montrubí, Els Jelipins and Prieto Pariente. Now, with this project he is happier than a kid in a candy shop. Susana comes from the world of arts and entertainment, having been a Creative Editor in publishing, audiovisual and new media for Prisa, Planeta and RBA, in  while conceptualizing new ideas, she has managed teams and projects, as well as coordinated communication and production for small projects related to art and music. Now she's bringing all of her experience and energy to this new project. 

Everyday we are both happier and more excited with Màquina&Tabla.

About the names and designs


Màquina&Tabla is about nature and human intervention: when human intervention tries gently to do its best. In this permanent struggle, nature wins the battle most of the time, and imposes its great power upon everything; because nature is beauty and life, but also death. That is why this gentle intervention can sometimes create beautiful things, such as wine, by guiding nature away from converting grapes into vinegar.

Màquina&Tabla is about the mind using the machine and the nature that breathes in the wood. It is about this human intervention in nature, both learning from it and acting upon it, urging it towards marvelous results, such as good wines.

The battles in nature and human interventions need to be undertaken with both sides' best interest in mind. We believe this coexistence is possible and necessary. 

The hand holds the oak tree with care, gently. Close enough to be a part of it, creating something new.


Our 1er Cru Màquina&Tabla 

Again, the same narrative of nature's battles and human interventions. Clearly here nature is winning; the intervention is small and the terroir expresses itself loud and clear. We've tried to represent the ambiguity between nature's power and its fragility.

Màquina&Tabla red

A wolf holding a human hand represents Màquina&Tabla red. The wolf is native to Castilla. We can see in his eyes that he is tender; he seems to be peaceful and calm now that he has shown his power. It is also an animal in danger of extinction and in need of protection.

Màquina&Tabla white

Màquina&Tabla white is represented by an owl resting quietly upon a man who has been defeated.  He's proud and calm now that he can express his nature. The owl is also a native animal in danger of extinction in Castilla, and needs to be cared for and protected to survive. 


Our village "the grandmothers"

These wines are "the grandmothers" because they're named after the women of the vineyards, as well as after the characteristics of the land. The struggle of man vs. nature is represented in the different scenes where people struggle with the land in various, mysterious situations

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-01 a las 20.37.23.png

Laderas de Leonila red

Laderas de Leonila is a D.O. Bierzo red. "Laderas" means slopes in Spanish, and El Bierzo is a land of slopes and valleys. The wine's name comes from the land of the slopes, and the person who has been living on this land forever, the grandmother Leonila. She owns the vineyard we're renting.

The drawing represents these slopes and in this scene something is happening to the characters, they are in trouble and scared because something is threatening them and the dog can't reach the boat. 

Here it  seems that the fight between nature and human intervention is more balanced. The men are not being defeated, but they can feel how nature is expressing itself.

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-01 a las 21.00.43.png

Páramos de Nicasia red

Páramos de Nicasia is a D.O.Toro red. "Páramos" means barren plains in Spanish, and Toro is in the el Duero area where barren plains dominate the landscape. As in Laderas, the woman that owns the vineyard is the grandmother of our vineyard. Her name is Nicasia and she lives in Toro close to the vines.

This barren, flat landscape means that we can see the horizon. In the drawing we can also see a strange scene, where it seems the man cannot see and the woman cannot hear. This land is not very friendly, and man can feel the power of nature.



Terrazas de Serapia red

Terrazas de Serapia is AAVV Garnachas de Gredos. Terraces and an impressive sierra, with high peaks, dominate this landscape. Serapia lives right next to the beautiful vineyard we're renting, with her husband Esteban. 

The peaks and terraces are represented in the drawing, and again mysterious situations are taking place. A female trapeze artist hangs from the hot-air balloon while a man observes... Only the big flock of birds seems to know what's going on. 

About the graphic design and drawings

The labels' great graphic design is by Joan Josep Bertran, and the illustrations and logo is by Xavier Forné, from Error Design! We are so happy and proud of their work!