Winemaking 2014 harvest

Once the harvest decisitions have been made, failing or succeeding, starts a dance with the harvest. If your harvest decisions and climate were wright, things come easier at the cellar, but if you failed taking some desitions and/or the climate is difficult, you will need tons of experience, intuition and... Luck?

With both Mencias winemaking plan is different for each one; for Corullon plots, we've destemmed all the grapes, and after a short cold maceration, fermentation at medium temperatures to extract all the ripe tannins we've achieved. After alcoholic fermentation we are in a post maceration. With Aira Bella vineyard things are different; we have placed in a vinificateur Demimuids, and after extra long cold maceration, fermentation have developed at natural low temperatures, looking for not extract to much harsh tannins (it is with it's own stems). After fermentation, we are keeping the grapes in the barrel to the extra long maceration.

Doña Blanca have macerated for 2 days, and today is still fermenting, slowly and gentle in a used Demi muid. 


At Duero region we have an exceptionals Toro DO; exuberant Tinta de Toro have been placed in little 10Hl tanks to provide a slow and naturally cold fermentation, after fermenting during