Verasion is the beginning of berry ripening moment. The berries become soft and take on the characteristic colors of their specific varieties.

From the beginning of veraison to harvest, the berries will increase in volume, weight, and sugar content.

At last, after months of vineyard hard work, the grapes starts its ripening season. We'are at the beginning of the most important season in the whole process. You might imagine how anxious are we.

In these period we also start the production calculus, vineyard grape rating, and quality projections. Our first data tell us the harvest volume in each vineyard. For the moment, in Bardales and Villaester, the first vineyard to complete Verasion, the harvest will be short. Around 8,5hl/ha for Bardales, and 1,4hl/ha in Villaester, both Tinta de Toro.

This year seems it will be an earlier harvest, around 4th week of September for our Tinta de Toro. 

This is just the beginning! Next weeks grape developing, analytical data and climate will focus more and more to show the harvest principles. Let's see...