To harvest or not to harvest.

To decide the harvest date in a superb year is not a work, it is just a pleasant game. Or this is what you can think when the harvest comes difficult.

In Bierzo it has been a very difficult harvest, with a lot of rainy days, with medium temperatures, and no drying days... And the ripening was slow... At our superb Aira Bella vineyard things come easier because the excellent drainage of the slate soil 40% degree slope, and perfect south facing. But Corullon plots... A lot of work there! We start to pre harvest to discard unhealthy grapes and help vines to ripe the good grapes, and continue with leaf removing to accentuate air flow through grapes.

Finally, the harvest has two faces, a superb Aira Bella, with low alcohol and fresh acidity, but only 2.000kg of production (1,2has); and a very good Corullon, which harvest has been very, very, very late. Achieving super ripe fruits, with decent acidity, and low alcohol levels. But at Corullon we have lost to much fruit... We only harvest 3.500kg in 3,5has! Also, working hard, we achieved nice Doña Blanca grapes. For our 1st white wine at Bierzo...

Duero region, has been con descendant with us, poor winemakers... A great Tinta de Toro Malvasia, Verdejo and Garnachas in Toro region, with only problems in a vineyard where strangely we harvest green, unripe but dehidrated (raisin) grapes. Anyway, the rest were great grapes, full of aromas and flavors. Rueda was exceptional, an outstanding Verdejo grapes, perfectly balanced, ripe, healthy, ... Wonderful.

And finally Gredos, the last harvest, and after working hard, really very hard. Since mid September we start removing leaves and bunches, in several phases, but finally, after organize several times the harvest and changing dates because of rain, we harvest nice fruits, with balance and full ripeness.

In some months, we will see if in this difficult harvest, we have done a good job... Hope so!


The growing season came beautiful, only some problems with oidium in late august (a month with strange high humidity and cold climate). But starting the second Quinzaine of September rains appears... And we starts panicking!